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    The Cabinet held its weekly meeting on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Mustafa Al Kadhimi The Cabinet session included a review of the Ministry of Health s report regarding the Corona pandemic and the developments of the work of the Committee to Strengthen Government Actions in the areas of 02 Jun 20212 47 pm

  • Iraqi leader says country still needs US help to counter

    Aug 17 2020  Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al Kadhimi speaks during an interview with The Associated Press in Baghdad Iraq Monday Aug 17 2020 Khalid Mohammed/AP BAGHDAD Iraq s prime

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    An interim Prime Minister was appointed in May following months of mass demonstrations but political division civil unrest and security threats compounded by the COVID 19 pandemic and a decline in oil prices exacerbated Iraq s economic crisis The Government of Iraq is planning to hold parliamentary elections in October 2021

  • Sustainable Recovery from COVID 19 in Iraq Key Findings

    Social Protection Social protection programmes are a significant budget item in Iraq and represented 15 of the 2019 government budget approximately 17 billion However due to macroeconomic challenges and declining oil revenue social protection programmes now represent just 5 of the 2021 budget approximately 4 5 billion

  • The US will give you 10 million to find a Hezbollah

    Apr 11 2020  The US will give you 10 million to find a Hezbollah commander in Iraq November 2019 there have been two choices for Prime Minister who failed to form a government forces more protection

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    Jan 21 2016  HAA Well at the moment we are achieving victory over ISIS We have liberated large areas of Iraq from ISIS control ISIS are on the run now and they have been defeated in

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    Jul 31 2021  The PRIME Act supports local food production and small businesses while also reducing vehicle miles traveled with livestock trailers and helping to meet the consumer demand for locally raised meat Please support consumers and small farmers by signing on to H R 3835 S 2001

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    Iraq was the world s 5th largest oil producer in 2009 and has the world s fifth largest proven petroleum reserves Just a fraction of Iraq s known fields are in development and Iraq may be one of the few places left where vast reserves proven and unknown have barely been exploited

  • Opinion Mustafa al Kadhimi s government in Iraq has a

    Jul 17 2021  Iraq s prime minister s agenda has low costs for the United States and potentially large rewards Kadhimi needs to do more to stop them for the United States protection and Iraq

  • Erdogan threatens to strike refugee camp inside IraqAl

    Jun 02 2021  June 2 2021 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to strike a refugee settlement in Iraqi Kurdistan on the grounds that it is a breeding ground for rebels of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party PKK In a live interview on the state run TRT news channel Erdogan said that if the United Nations did not clean it up we will

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    Jul 29 2021  Iraq has held three national legislative elections since 2005 most recently in May 2018 when 329 legislators were elected to the COR Adil ABD AL MAHDI assumed the premiership in October 2018 as a consensus and independent candidatethe first prime minister who is not an active member of a major political bloc

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    U S Citizens with emergencies please call 301 Outside of Office Hours contact Outside of Iraq

  • Iraqi Prime Minister Vows to Protect Nation From Foreign

    Jan 02 2020  Newly appointed Iraqi prime minister Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi said in a Saturday statement that he would defend the nation from foreign meddling adding that he would not allow Iraq to be turned into a place for tit for tat сlashes and the settling of feuds I promise to protect Iraq from any foreign meddling and not allow the country to become an arena for settling disputes in various

  • Priming time for Blair Media priming Iraq and

    Highlights We examine media priming in Britain We show that the issue of the war in Iraq was primed by media coverage in 2005 Priming was from the volume of coverage and its tone Media coverage polarized consumers of the same news The impact of coverage was moderated by

  • Iraqis not US troops must be the ones who counter Iran s

    May 17 2020  Iraqis not US troops must be the ones who counter Iran s influence in Iraq Mustafa al Kahdimi Iraqi Prime Minister designate speaks to members of the Iraqi parliament in Baghdad Iraq

  • Syrian prime minister blames sanctions for price increases

    Jul 14 2021  Syrian Prime Minister Hussein Arnous on Wednesday blamed international sanctions for the recent increase in the prices of bread and diesel The economic blockade and unilateral coercive procedures have hindered the arrival of vital needs to the people he said Mr Arnous called the Caesar Act illegal and singled out the US for waging an

  • Scores die in Iraq COVID hospital fire for second time in

    Jul 13 2021  Iraq is facing a third wave of the pandemic which according to official figures has thus far resulted in roughly 1 5 million cases and 18 000 deaths These figures are considered a gross

  • Power struggle in Kurdish region of Iraq raises questions

    Jul 18 2021  The eldest son of Jalal born in 1973 is Bafel Described as a former bouncer by one source which may explain his physique Bafel has had a serious career When his father was President of Iraq

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    Mar 06 2021  U S Citizens with emergencies please call 301 Outside of Office Hours contact Outside of Iraq

  • Iraq and U S Policy

    Jun 04 2021  Iraq and U S Policy Iraq Prepares for October 2021 Election as Security Fiscal Challenges Persist Iraq is preparing for a national election planned for October 10 2021 roughly six months earlier than required but later than originally proposed Since ending the Islamic State IS aka ISIS/ISIL group s control of territory in Iraq in 2017

  • Iraq is running out of time to commit to October

    Aug 14 2021  He was the political adviser to former Iraqi President Fuad Masum the former chief of staff to the KRG prime minister from 2009 to 2011 and former senior adviser to the KRG prime

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    Jul 03 2021  Today the selling price of the dollar in banking offices and local markets in Baghdad was 147 500 dinars compared to 100 dollars while the purchase price reached 146 500 dinars compared to 100 dollars butterfly Prime Minister Mustafa Al Kazemi meets with His Holiness Pope Francis/Expanded

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    For example while Norris s 2006 section on Priming Persuasion and Mobilizing Effects in the 2005 Following the conceptual definitions of priming by election has subheadings of Persuasion and Mobiliza Iyengar and Kinder and Price and Tewksbury that we have tion the subheading for priming effects is Agenda Setting

  • The Real War Dogs of IraqThe American Prospect

    Jun 23 2021  Prices for gasoline have ranged from 3 50 to over 4 a gallon a considerable markup over market price which is in the 2 range At one point in early 2020 DGC International s rates even spiked above 10 a gallon on short term deliveries That price gouging helped make the contractor the 11th fastest growing company in America in 2018

  • BBC NEWS Middle East Iraq war illegal says Annan

    Sep 16 2004  On Monday Iraq s interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi said elections must go ahead as planned although he conceded the violence might stop some Iraqis voting However a day later a car bomb close to an Iraqi police station in central Baghdad killed 47 people and gunmen opened fire on a police minibus in Baquba killing 12

  • Iraq Possible War Crimes by Shia Militia Human Rights Watch

    Jan 31 2016  Members of Shia militias who the Iraqi government has included among its state forces abducted and killed scores of Sunni residents in a central Iraq

  • The Real Reason Oil Prices Aren t At 80 OilPrice

    Jul 22 2021  This is the key reason why an unofficial White House oil price cap of around US 75 80 per barrel of Brent has operated since the end of the Oil Price War

  • US to announce troop drawdown from Iraq but little is

    Jul 25 2021  Iraq s prime minister is heading to Washington this weekend to demand that President Joe Biden withdraw all U S combat troops from Iraq announcing to Iraqi media that the visit would put an end to the presence of combat forces US officials say the United States is likely to oblige the request from Prime Minister Mustafa al Kadhimi setting a deadline to be announced Monday for the

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    The political economic and social instability in Iraq is challenging the humanitarian response Between October 2019 and April 2020 major demonstrations against the Government led to the resignation of the Prime Minister and political paralysis during several attempts to form a new government

  • President Bush and Iraq Prime Minister Maliki Sign the

    Dec 14 2008  President Bush on Sunday said With these agreements Mr Prime Minister we re honoring the saces that I just described in the best possible way by building a freer safer and more hopeful world By signing these agreements we re showing the people of Iraq the United States of America keeps its word And we are showing the people of the Middle East that America stands firmly

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    Iran is a diverse country consisting of numerous ethnic and linguistic groups that are unified through a shared Iranian nationality Iran s population grew rapidly during the latter half of the 20th century increasing from about 19 million in 1956 to more than 84 million by July 2020

  • Amazon The 143rd in Iraq Training the Iraqi Police

    Available at a lower price from other sellers that may not offer free Prime shipping As a former Commander of the 143rd MP Company this bare knuckle blow by blow account of how my former soldiers performed so magnificently in Iraq made

  • Priming time for Blair Media priming Iraq and

    Sep 01 2011  Following the conceptual definitions of priming by Iyengar and Kinder and Price and Tewksbury that we have quoted above we define media priming empirically as a correspondence in 1 the volume of coverage of the issue of Iraq in the press i e the number of stories and the influence of that issue on evaluations of Tony Blair or 2 the

  • New Zealand confirms Iraq troop deployment CNN

    Feb 23 2015  New Zealand joins the anti ISIS coalition with Prime Minister John Key telling lawmakers Monday 143 personnel were deploying to Iraq in a non combat role

  • U S Military Says Ongoing Situation in Iraq Amid Fourth

    Jul 07 2021  But Baghdad officials including Rasool and Prime Minister Mustafa al Kadhimi viewed the U S operation as a violation of Iraq s sovereignty and warned Iraq should not be used in attacks on

  • Biden Is Midwife of the Next Iraqforeignpolicy

    Jun 24 2021  America s Iraq War era is over and a new era may dawn if the United States doesn t turn its back again By Danielle Pletka a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and Kenneth