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    235PSI 16 20bar Outstanding Name LD Ball Valves #Resistant to many inorganic chemicals #EPDM or genuine Viton Ring Seals #Excellent flow characteristics #Excellently soft open and close handle

  • B Braun Medical Inc

    B Braun Medical Inc B Braun Medical Inc a leader in infusion therapy and pain management develops manufactures and markets innovative medical products and services to the healthcare industry The company is committed to eliminating preventable treatment errors and enhancing patient clinician and environmental safety

  • Glass Adapters Connectors Laboratory Lab Glassware

    Find Glass Adapters Connectors for your Chemical Lab now at SpectrumChemical SpectrumChemical carries a full line of Lab Glassware Spectrum Chemical has a complete line of laboratory supplies equipment and safety items

  • Lab Equipment and Lab Supplies Fisher Scientific

    MP Biomedicals FastPrep 24 5G Instrument Epredia AlcoSCRUB Instant Antiseptic Hand Cleanser Squeeze Bottle Ethyl Alcohol Non UV MilliporeSigma MilliporeSigma Supelco BIOshell IgG C18 HPLC Column 1 000 Å 2 7 μm Particle Size

  • WHEATON Rubber Stopper Straight Plug 20 mm Gray

    WHEATON Rubber Stopper Straight Plug 20 mm Gray Chlorobutyl 46 Durometer Straight plug stoppers provide maximum sealing for vials with straight wall glass finish This style is not recommended for vials with a blow back feature Snap on style provides maximum sealing for vials with a blow back glass finish which is a small ridge on the

  • The Right Ion Chromatography System at the Right Price

    Sample Vial Filter Caps Directly inserted into vials and filter the sample during aspiration Labor saving and no carryover but single use High Pressure Inline Filters Low volume filters placed into the high pressure flow path immediately after the injection valve Labor saving low maintenance no sample loss and no additional

  • Double Layer TubeSP WilmadLabGlass

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  • Lab GlasswareDistillation TrapTrout Underground

    Use eBay Shopping Cart to combine items from multiple listings Beakers Water Jacketed Beakers Media Storage Bottles Vials Graduated Cylinders Crystallizing Dishes Filtration Apparatus Aspirator Bottles Rotary Evaporator Bump Traps Homogenizers Mortar Pestle Dounce Tissue Grinders Ceramic Mortars and Pestles HPLC Reservoirs Well Plates

  • Laboratory Timers Clocks Stopwatches Controllers

    Don t rely on your smartphone and worry about exhausting your battery power Count down the hours using one of our laboratory timers stopwatches clocks and controllers ideal for anywhere in the lab out in the field or for areas where you need to keep your eye on the time Shop Laboratory Timers and Clocks

  • Pyrex Brand Group

    Today more than 800 laboratory glassware products carry the famous Pyrex name including beakers bottles flasks volumetric glassware dishes and test tubes all manufactured to

  • SVL Brand Group

    SVL Glass screwthreads Manufactured from borosilicate glass these glass threads utilise the unique SVL thread joint sizes and are View Product Torion joints glass body with fittings Torion is an alternative jointing system that allows the connection of tubing to glassware items View Product

  • DF30 Metering Valve Aptar

    Our DF30 metering valve platform has been the industry gold standard for decades and is continually optimized It has widely been considered the benchmark metering valve for hydrofluoralkanes HFA propellant pMDIs However with the pharmaceutical industry now entering a new and more environmentally friendly era companies have turned their

  • Dräger PSS Lung Demand Valve LDV Draeger

    Suitable for the most extreme applications whenever Breathing Apparatus has to be worn with its compact and robust design and excellent pneumatic performance the Dräger PSS Lung Demand Valve LDV will always deliver the air that you need

  • USAHeadspace autosampler apparatus and method

    A headspace autosampling apparatus 92 for generating and delivering gaseous samples to a gas chromatograph or other instrument includes a plurality of vials 98 in a carousel 150 The vials are delivered one at a time from the carousel through a vial delivery mechanism 160 to a heated zone 146 wherein the substances 94 96 to be analyzed reach equilibrium with the headspace 100

  • Dropping Separating FunnelsFunnelsProduct Group

    The features and benefits of using our Funnels All Pyrex conical pear shape and Gilson style separating funnels are now supplied with an interchangeable PTFE stopcock key and both a glass and polyethylene PE stopper Pyrex cylindrical dropping funnels have a double graduated scale showing the volume of liquid contained and delivered and are also supplied with PTFE stopcock keys and

  • Blood Specimen Collection and Processing

    Prewarming the infant s heel 42 C for 3 to 5 minutes is important to increase the flow of blood for collection Wash your hands and put gloves on Clean the site to be punctured with an alcohol sponge Dry the cleaned area with a dry gauze pad Hold the baby s foot firmly to avoid sudden movement

  • Dräger PAS LiteDraeger

    As well as standard fit easy to clean harness integrated Lung Demand Valve LDV or airline ready options such as the Dräger PAS ASV can be specified Integrating easily with all Dräger PAS Airline equipment this flexible breathing apparatus is also fully compatible with Dräger Panorama and FPS 7000 full face mask ranges

  • Trade interdependencies in Covid 19 goods

    May 05 2020  COVID 19 Diagnostic Test instruments and apparatus Instruments used in clinical laboratories for In Vitro Diagnosis 9027 80 Swab and Viral transport medium set A vial containing a culture media for the maintenance of a viral sample and a cotton tipped swab to collect the sample put up together 3821 00 II Protective garments and the like

  • Vacuum Filtration Apparatus Laboratory Chemical

    Vacuum Filtration Apparatus Spectrum offers laboratory grade Vacuum Filtration Apparatus from the industry s leading manufacturers including Bel Art Nalgene Whatman and many others Whether you require a High speed filter funnels or Three Place Multiple Filtration Apparatus Spectrum has the Vacuum Filtration Apparatus for you

  • SOLENOID VALVES Multi Engineering Trading Co Ltd

    SOLENOID VALVES SHAKO is leading and the largest professional pneumatic solenoid valve manufacturer With rich experiences and in deep knowledge we are able to provide pneumatic solenoid valve products with excellent high quality rapid service for various industries Now our solenoid valves are available in 6VDC 12VDC 24VDC and 110/220VAC

  • Allowable Excess Volume and Labeled Vial Fill Size in

    Mar 14 2014  Setting a maximum volume in multiple dose vials will 88 minimize vial septum punctures which will reduce the risk of compromising vial integrity and 89 the potential for vial contamination 90

  • Safety Valves for steam systems Myanmar Spirax Sarco

    Safety valves are essential wherever a hazardous overpressure situation could occur Safeguard against Mechanical damage to equipment and surroundings Loss of product and production Damage to the environment Injury and loss of life Safety Valve installation Safety Valve SV7 Safety Valve SV60 installation Safety Valve SV60 installation

  • Stirring Shaking and Mixing Equipment Chemglass Life

    Sublimation Apparatus Syringe Pumps Syringes Tape Temperature Controllers Thermal Cycler Thermocouples PT100 Sensors Thermometers Tissue Grinder Tools Tubing Fittings and Hose Tweezers Forceps UV Lamps Vacuum Valves Velp Scientifica Vials Vortex Mixers Waste Disposal Watch Glass Waterless Condensers Weighing Boats/Dishes

  • Vacuum Filtration Apparatus Laboratory Chemical

    Vacuum Filtration Apparatus Spectrum offers laboratory grade Vacuum Filtration Apparatus from the industry s leading manufacturers including Bel Art Nalgene Whatman and many others Whether you require a High speed filter funnels or Three Place Multiple Filtration Apparatus Spectrum has the Vacuum Filtration Apparatus for you

  • Buy and Sell Used Industrial and Lab Equipment

    Multiple Plant Programs EquipNet Corporate Video The EquipNet Virtual Inventory Mobile App This app is a quick and easy way to list your surplus or idle equipment for sale on EquipNet right from your phone There is no need to leave your laboratory or manufacturing floor to upload equipment You can enter basic information about your

  • Chemistry Products Chemglass Life Sciences

    Water free Disposable Filter Funnels CLS 1174 P NORELL SECURE SERIES NMR TUBES LABORATORY TUBING PH Meters Benchtop and Portable VIAL TRAY/BLOCK HOLDERS 96 WELL 8X30MM GLASS VIALS Dispenser Packs of PP Syringes Non Sterile Temperature Recorders

  • DrySyn Reaction Blocks By Asynt On Quark Enterprises Inc

    The DrySyn MULTI reaction blocks system provides a unique base that holds multiple reactions at once with various inserts for your specific flask vial and NMR tube sizes Inserts are inetrchangable allowing the most flexibility of any reaction block available today

  • Scintillation Vials DWK Life Sciences

    Available in 4 to 20 mL glass or plastic vials including optimized versions for solvent reduction Multiple vial and cap configuration options including alphanumeric trays to track and organize samples

  • Thomas ScientificContact Us

    Mailing Address Thomas Scientific P O Box 99 Swedesboro NJ 08085 U S A Phone Numbers Main Number 856 467 2000 General Customer Service 833 544 SHIP 7447

  • How to Remove Nitrates from WaterFresh Water Systems

    Jan 07 2020  Nitrates are one of the most common contaminants well owners are faced with eliminating from their water supply Nitrates enter the water supply through agricultural run off industrial waste the use of fertilizers and herbicides and from leaking septic tanks and burst sewage systems

  • WHEATON Rubber Stopper 2 Leg DWK Life Sciences

    Snap on style provides maximum sealing for vials with a blow back glass finish which is a small ridge on the interior of the vial s neck The snap on stopper locks into the blow back ridge providing a tight seal and keeping the stopper from backing out

  • Quickfit Brand Group

    Quickfit Interchangeable Jointed Glassware Our Quickfit range comprises of around 1000 individual products that can be combined together to construct an extensive range of assemblies This plain glass tube can used in conjunction with a Quickfit cone/screwthread adapter as an air/steam inle

  • Buy Edan SE1201 Twelve channel ECG Machine at best price

    Edan Medical 12 channel ECG Model SE 1201 Compact and lightweight Large high resolution color screen Alphanumeric keyboard One touch operation Enhanced weak signal detection Comprehensive filters anti noise technology Real time ECG waveforms freezing and review Advanced Glasgow algorithm for automatic measurements and interpretation

  • User s Guide

    individual HPLC modules to run isocratic gradient and multiple vial analyses using a single method or more than one method Part 3 Using the Agilent 1100 Series LC System With Control Module describes how to run isocratic gradient and multiple vial analyses using a

  • Cell and Tissue Culture Chemglass Life Sciences

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  • Alliance HPLC Dissolution System

    Valve A or B opens and the syringe plungers automatically descend drawing sample from the vessels in Bath A or B into the syringe Next Valve D opens Valve A or B closes and the syringe plunger rises transferring the sample into the vial or to waste If performing media replace Valve C opens and the syringe plunger descends