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  • Statham Physiological Pressure Transducer P23Db eBay

    Used Statham P23Db Pressure Transducer Model P23Db Serial 14175 This item is untested Please see pictures for specifications It was removed from a working ear nose and throat clinic Item is being sold AS IS Please message with any questions Will not ship out of the U S

  • Pressure Transducers/Transmitters from Component

    PRESSURE SENSOR LIMITED s model PSC312 Pressure Transducer was developed for all types of industrial applications The design is based on high temperature inorganically bonded media isolated piezoresistive technology that offers reliable and accurate

  • Type 590X Manifold Mount I/P Transducer ControlAir

    Compact size Vibration Insensitive Electronic Pressure Regulator The Type 590X Manifold Mount I/P Transducer converts a variable electrical signal to a low flow proportional pneumatic output Its compact size light weight and immunity to shock and vibration make it ideal for use in process control valve positioner applications

  • ControlsPressure Transducer

    Full Scale accuracy Setra s Model 265 differential pressure transducer provides superior positive and negative pressure sensing required for high efficiency air control systems Range 0 50 WC Excit 24 VDC Output 4 20 mA Sold As Is Where Is FOB Murrysville PA

  • Setra 267 Low Differential Pressure Transducer

    The 267 multirange low differential pressure transducer from Setra offers accuracies of ±0 25 0 5 and ±1 FS across an expansive pressure range of 0 1 W C up to 100 W C Unlike other competing transducers the 267 is built on the principle of customization offering a myriad of electrical and mechanical options that can be applied

  • High Accuracy Pressure TransducerMensor

    A CPG2500 Digital Pressure Indicator is a desk top or rack mount pressure indicator that can be configured with up to four transducers one or two high accuracy internal transducers one external transducer plus an optional barometric reference which can be used to monitor atmospheric pressure or emulate the pressure reading The internal

  • Pressure Transducers Controls Group

    Pressure transducers are used for the measurement of cell pressure back pressure pore pressure water or air They have to be connected to triaxial cells by the suitable De airing block See accessories The transducers are base on the extensimetric measurement principle with strain gauges on the metal base Two series are available according

  • Pressure transducer 50 barMatest

    Pressure transducer 50 bar capacity to be fitted to the hand pump as alternative to the manometer Complete with fast jack to the pump electrical cable and connector Request information Literature Download Contacts Via delle Industrie Treviolo BG Italy

  • Setra 264 Low Differential Pressure Transducer

    Setra s 264 is the paradigm for very low differential pressure measurement Critical to applications in HVAC building automation healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities the 264 low differential pressure transducer has held a steadfast reputation for reliability and consistency for over two decades

  • AST4000 industrial OEM pressure transducerDurham

    AST4000 industrial OEM pressure transducer The product has been added to your Quote list The AST4000 Industrial Pressure Sensor can be constructed as a millivolt output pressure sensor amplified voltage output pressure transducer or 4 20mA loop powered pressure transmitter AST s Krystal Bond Technology is the foundation of the AST4000

  • Pressure Switch V S Pressure Transducer what s the

    A pressure transmitter or pressure transducer on the other hand is also an electromechanical device which continuously measure and communicate their assigned process variables over a range of values however instead of signaling a switch pressure transducer sends a read out signal of what the specific pressure value is to a remote location

  • Electro Pneumatic Transducers Selection Guide Types

    Electronic pressure regulators EPR are effectively modern electro pneumatic transducers and are referred to as electronic pressure controllers electronic pressure valves or electronic pressure transducers EPRs require a power supply and a digital or analog set point signal and employ a push valve and a vent valve to regulate output pressure

  • Pressure TransducerFTS Inc

    USD 1 064 00 Pressure Transducer with SDI output custom range 0 274m 0 900ft range stainless steel case 60ft of cable and desiccant included Pressure Transducer quantity

  • High Accuracy Pressure TransducerMensor

    CPT6100 and CPT6180 Precision Pressure TransducerApplications The CPT6100 and 6180 Precision Pressure Transducers are general purpose high accuracy pressure transducer designed to deliver accurate pressure measurement via RS 232 or RS 485 in a query/response mode The CPT6100 can be purchased with range from 0 0 36 psig to psig or 0 7 5 psia to 0 6015 psia

  • DPM1B Pneumatic Transducer Tester Fluke Biomedical

    The DPM1B Pneumatic Transducer Tester is designed to measure the positive and negative pressures of medical devices in either liquid or gaseous form and to generate pressure within the ± 300 mmHg range to assist in repair and quality control Request a quote or demo First Name

  • High quality silicon Piezoresistive Pressure Transducer

    Tek Bar 3120S Piezoresistive Pressure Transducer based on a high quality silicon piezoresistive sensor packaged with stainless steel housing The Tek Bar 3120S Piezoresistive Pressure Transducer is a precision engineered instrument widely used in industrial pressure processes

  • Pressure Transducers and Pressure Transmitters TE

    2 days ago Pressure Transducers and Transmitters TE Connectivity TE provides advanced design and manufacturing of pressure transducers and transmitters for numerous applications industries and production volumes We offer various materials outputs sensor technologies and third party approvals to meet various customer needs for measuring liquid or

  • TEDSTransducer Electronic Data Sheet Kistler

    TEDS is an electronic data sheet based on the IEEE 1451 standard The aim of this standard is to define a uniform interface for sensors and actuators of which TEDS is an important element Important information about the sensor such as manufacturer identification data type designation calibration data and other sensor parameters are

  • Pressure transducer 0700 barMatest

    Pressure transducer 0700 bar Search by test Test Standard Category C116 09N Pressure transducer 0700 bar Used in conjunction with digital units Cyber Plus C109N Servo Plus C104N Digitec C108N Autotec C098N Supplied complete with

  • List of MEAS KPSI 27 Pressure Transducers Models

    Search our portfolio of MEAS KPSI 27 Pressure Transducers products and select your specifications We offer a wide array of reliable and cost effective

  • Pressure Transducers Controls Group

    Featuring fully sealed stainless steel pressure chambers and diaphragms The transducer use a full Wheatstone bridge circuit The 50 Q50/PT model mainly used for compression testing frames is supplied complete with U shaped metal protection

  • Pressure Transducer Calibration Fluke

    Pressure transducers are one of two parts in most field instruments the other is a primary element such as flow tubes orifice plates pressure sensors and more Transducers process the signal generated by the primary element first characterizing it in linear format and applying engineering unit coefficients to it before then transmitting

  • Pressure Transmitters Differential Sensors Transducers

    PRM Pressure Transducer 0 100 PSI 304 SS Case Diffused Silicon Core 1/4 Inch MNPT Connection 0 10VDC 99 99 PRM Pressure Transmitter 0 145 PSI

  • Digital soil pressure transducer ZET 7010 SP by ZETLAB

    Digital soil pressure transducer ZET7010 SP is intended for measurement of the soil overpressure in the foundation of various structures and its distribution over the foundation area These transducers can also be used for the control of large tanks filling with viscous materials and plastic media

  • Pressure Switch V S Pressure Transducer what s the

    A pressure transmitter or pressure transducer on the other hand is also an electromechanical device which continuously measure and communicate their assigned process variables over a range of values however instead of signaling a switch pressure transducer sends a read out signal of what the specific pressure value is to a remote location

  • TSDKPT Pressure Transducer Calibration A K O Inc

    A K O Inc assembles and calibrates Pressure Transducers to state of the art accuracy These advanced designs are easily mounted in our Hydraulic and Pneumatic Calibration Systems and adapt to a variety of pressure controlled torque applications AKO transducers have the highest accuracy in the Torque Calibration industry at 0 1 of reading

  • KPSI 27 Non Submersible Pressure TransducerDurham

    The MEAS KPSI 27 is a ± 0 25 FSO static accuracy 1 0 diameter non submersible pressure transducer specifically designed for demanding industrial applications where the primary criteria are reliability and economy These units provide repeatable precision measurements under the most hostile conditions Capable of measuring vacuum to pressure as high as 2000 psi 13 790 kPa these

  • Pressure Transmitter Pressure Transducer and Pressure

    You may not surprise in the process of measurement and control people have been thinking and talking about pressure transmitter pressure transducer and pressure sensor many times all these three devices can touch sense the environment we lived then transfer kind of electrical output signal it is series activities from physical deformation to electrical signal sensing

  • Resolution and Frequency Response in Pressure

    The frequency response of a pressure transducer is a measure of how quickly the pressure transducer can respond to changes in pressure There are two ways to define this response time and flat frequency response Response timesometimes called the sensor time constantis the time in seconds required for a sensor signal to change from

  • BP16 Pressure Transducers LCM Systems Ltd

    These 10 000psi BP16 pressure transducers have been manufactured for a UK based company that specialises in controlled hydraulic jacking Part of our standard range they are available in pressure ratings from 100psi 6 89 Bar to 14 500psi 1000 Bar These particular pressure transducers have been supplied with mV/V output but we can also manufacture versions that have a

  • TransmittersCurrent To Pressure Transducer

    RONAN XGP 1 M2 CURRENT TO PRESSURE TRANSDUCER I/P 3 15PSI R10132 ITEM RONAN CURRENT TO PRESSURE TRANSDUCER I/P 3 15PSI 4 20MA MODEL XGP 1 M2 LISTER VA WEIGHT 1lb ITEM# R10132 We accept Paypal and Credit Cards 1 We always offer combined shipping discounts for multiple items Final combined shipping rates will depend on item

  • TransducersSibelmed

    TRANSDUCERS for spirometry Request further information The transducer is the part of the spirometer through which the patient blows it measures the air flow Sibelmed is the only manufacturer with 3 different transducers Disposable Lilly Fleisch and Turbine Request further information Disposable Lilly Transducer The Lilly pressure system is very accurate and comes individually pre

  • Meet the FP5000 configurable pressure transducer from

    The FP5000 transducer has onboard circuitry on its voltage output versions that allows the output signal to swing all the way to ground true zero and even a little below it 0 2 V This allows the sensor to be more accurate by having the ability to detect slight changes in pressure as well

  • Miniature Pressure Transducer TE Connectivity

    The EPL surface mount pressure sensor is available in ranges from 5 to 1000 psi 0 35 to 70 bar This pressure sensor is easy to install on flat surfaces using elastomer or epoxy

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    In over 40 years of activity AEP transducers has been training a qualified Technical and Commercial staff able to help the customers for what concerns the plants designing as well as to offer a technical assistance Please do not hesitate to contact us Below you can communicate directly with the desired department by filling out the contact form

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