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  • Use of a New Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene Multichordal

    Surgical technique to deploy the apparatus on the native mitral valve was developed in ex vivo porcine hearts Hemodynamic efficacy of repairing mitral prolapse and regurgitation was assessed in ex vivo hearts and in five 30 day chronic swine with histopathology in an

  • Multiple valve apparatusShimadzu Corporation

    May 04 2000  A multiple valve apparatus 1 according to the first embodiment of the invention is for example of a multi stack system installed in a forklift truck F as shown in FIG 1 and FIG 2 and includes a priority valve mechanism 2 two switching valve mechanisms 3A and 3B stacked or attached to a downstream of the priority valve mechanism 2 and an

  • Dräger PAS AirPack 1Draeger

    The Dräger PAS AirPack 1 benefits from the world renowned tried and tested pneumatics system used on Dräger s successful PSS range of compressed air breathing apparatus The system incorporates a safety pressure relief valve and the pressure reducer is shrouded in

  • Novel trends and applications of multidimensional

    Feb 01 2021  Vetiver EO samples from 4 geographic origins Brazil Java Haiti Bourbon VF 5MS 30 m 0 25mm 0 2 μm film thickness DB Wax 1 25 m 0 1 mm 0 1 μm film thickness GC x GC–TOFMS Not applied Quantification of 135 component providing a fingerprint of the four oils for the first time Boswellia sacra Flueck frankincense

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    See why millions translate with DeepL every day Fast accurate and securetranslate texts and full document files instantly Currently supported languages are

  • Alliance HPLC Dissolution System

    Valve A or B opens and the syringe plungers automatically descend drawing sample from the vessels in Bath A or B into the syringe Next Valve D opens Valve A or B closes and the syringe plunger rises transferring the sample into the vial or to waste If performing media replace Valve C opens and the syringe plunger descends

  • Dissolved gas analysisWikipedia

    Dissolved gas analysis DGA is an examination of electrical transformer oil contaminants Insulating materials within electrical equipment liberate gases as they slowly break down over time The composition and distribution of these dissolved gases are indicators of the effects of deterioration such as pyrolysis or partial discharge and the rate of gas generation indicates the severity

  • Multidose Vial AdaptorsGlass Vials

    Product Details The silicone rubber valve with luer compatible connector ensures sterility for repeat vial access and makes this adaptor ideal for vaccination purposes These devices are also used in microbiology labs to remove small quantities of product for testing purposes whilst maintaining the integrity of the remaining product in the vial

  • Small Volume Parenteral Stoppers Aptar

    Vial Components Aptar Pharma s Small Volume Parenteral Stoppers Serum Stoppers are designed for blowback and non blowback vials and provide optimal protection and drug delivery Our range of pharmaceutical rubber Serum Stoppers are designed to meet multiple piercing needs and facilitate manufacturing processes

  • USABlood drawing deviceGoogle Patents

    USA US400024A USA USA US A US A US A US 400024 A US400024 A US 400024A US A US A US A US A US A US A Authority US United States Prior art keywords blood vial cannula holder stopper Prior art date Legal status The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal

  • Chemical Filtration Apparatus Laboratory Microbiology

    Besides single apparatus we carry three place multiple filtration apparatus six place and more Fitted with stainless steel units the apparatus can be autoclaved and sterilized by dry heat Spectrum specializes in providing the top chemical filtration apparatus but if you do not see the product you require just contact our chemical

  • Dräger PSS Lung Demand Valve LDV Draeger

    Suitable for the most extreme applications whenever Breathing Apparatus has to be worn with its compact and robust design and excellent pneumatic performance the Dräger PSS Lung Demand Valve LDV will always deliver the air that you need


    Biosecurity puzzles and preventive apparatus of Bio safety 41 Similarly cities industries arise and multiple partner becomes more common prompting rapid increases in sexually

  • An automatic system for simultaneous monitoring of gas

    Jun 01 1998  The multiport valve is turned until the connecting hole is positioned on the port to be sampled V1 is opened shortly and the pressure from the vial is recorded by the computer V2 is opened shortly to ventilate the measuring system As an option the valve V1 can be kept open during the ventilation step equalizing the vial to the atmosphere

  • USAValved spike transfer deviceGoogle Patents

    Multiple dose drug vial adapter for use with a vial having a pierceable septum and a needleless syringe USA en Bioject Inc Medication vial/syringe liquid transfer apparatus USA en Genesis Medical Technologies Inc

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    View Listing Compare Unused Master Engineering F20004 6690 Litre 316L Stainless Steel Jacketed Crystalliser Mixing Vessel Listing 674829 Category Mixing Vessel

  • Trade interdependencies in Covid 19 goods

    May 05 2020  COVID 19 Diagnostic Test instruments and apparatus Instruments used in clinical laboratories for In Vitro Diagnosis 9027 80 Swab and Viral transport medium set A vial containing a culture media for the maintenance of a viral sample and a cotton tipped swab to collect the sample put up together 3821 00 II Protective garments and the like

  • DF30 Metering Valve Aptar

    Our DF30 metering valve platform has been the industry gold standard for decades and is continually optimized It has widely been considered the benchmark metering valve for hydrofluoralkanes HFA propellant pMDIs However with the pharmaceutical industry now entering a new and more environmentally friendly era companies have turned their

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    Apparatus Joints Jointed Flasks Flat Flange Products Fractionating Columns Condensers Stillheads Bubblers Our extensive product range features some of the best known names in science supplying world renowned brands to multiple industries across the world From vials for sample storage and in vitro diagnostics to roller racks and

  • User s Guide

    individual HPLC modules to run isocratic gradient and multiple vial analyses using a single method or more than one method Part 3 Using the Agilent 1100 Series LC System With Control Module describes how to run isocratic gradient and multiple vial analyses using a

  • Alpine Aptar

    AlpineNew twist to lock aesthetic for 202/DS 211 Cans Two piece design Hoodless click lock Orifice is hidden when closed Customizable finger grips Fits 202 DS 211 cans For VX BOV Multiple

  • USB2Pressure actuated valve for multi chamber

    Methods and apparatus are disclosed for disposing a valve within a barrel of a conventional syringe to provide first a mixing syringe embodiment and second a sequential delivery syringe embodiment Generally the valve divides the syringe barrel into a proximal and a distal chamber When used for mixing the valve is self displaceable by expansion of decompressing matter disposed within

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  • USB2Multiple dose vial and methodGoogle Patents

    A vial for storing multiple doses of a substance to be dispensed into one or more syringes or other delivery devices The vial has a body a variable volume storage chamber within the body for storing multiple doses of the substance therein and a one way valve connectable in fluid communication with a syringe or other delivery device

  • Code 3 Unveils Outliner Series of Running Board Lights

    Mar 18 2020  St LOUIS MO ­­– Code 3 a recognized global leader and safety innovator is pleased to introduce the Outliner Series of Running Board Lights that feature dual colors multiple lengths and

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    Teflon drain valve stems have a 6mm center hole and are approx 12mm wide at the top and may have been a custom request to Chemglass to put the large drain valve in the smaller sized flasks Over 1900 new Why buy one new when more you can buy used and have all three sizes for less than the price of one Payment by Paypal only

  • Multiple Lambl s excrescences with subvalvular extension

    In the work up a tumour was detected on the subvalvular apparatus of the mitral valve for which operative removal was scheduled A port access procedure was applied as a novel way of treatment On thoracoscopic intracardiac inspection however multiple tumours were seen attached to the chordae tendineae and to the anterior leaflet of the


    Between vials the double needle apparatus is moved to a waste position and the inner needle is purged with argon Commercial Grade grade 4 6 Corp Brothers Inc Vacuum pumping acid injection line purging etc is all accomplished using a series of programmable Valco valves VICI Valco Instruments Inc Control of the valves and

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    Find Glass Adapters Connectors for your Chemical Lab now at SpectrumChemical SpectrumChemical carries a full line of Lab Glassware Spectrum Chemical has a complete line of laboratory supplies equipment and safety items

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    BUCHI Vacuum Pump V 300 The chemically resistant PTFE diaphragm V 300 vacuum pump impresses with its silent and economical operation With a flow rate of 1 8 m 3 /hr and an ultimate vacuum of 5 mbar it is optimally suited to be combined with the Rotavapor R 300 and I 300 I 300 Pro interface

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    Vial C43208 Vial Dispensing C43209 Vial Glass C43210 Vial Multi Dose C43211 Vial Patent Delivery System C43212 Vial Pharmacy Bulk Package C43213 Vial Piggyback C43214 Vial Plastic C43215

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    Gas Apparatus 31 Products Glassblower Components 12 Products Heating Apparatus 37 Products Measuring Cylinder 34 Products Pipette 46 Products Reaction Vessel 92 Products Stirring/Stirrer 57 Products Sublimation 1 Products Tube 153 Products Vial 3 Products

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    Multiple Plant Programs EquipNet Corporate Video The EquipNet Virtual Inventory Mobile App This app is a quick and easy way to list your surplus or idle equipment for sale on EquipNet right from your phone There is no need to leave your laboratory or manufacturing floor to upload equipment You can enter basic information about your

  • Automated System for Collecting Multiple Sequential

    simple switching circuit in the valve controller Figure 2 The same valve controller sans the Minimatic valve operated the three way solenoid valve FV3 Figure 1 In the default state water from the sampler flowed into the common port of the three way solenoid valve FV3 and out to the main collection vessel


    4 12 Fermentation tubes and vials Use only 10 mm x 75 mm fermentation tubes When tubes are used for a test of gas production enclose a shell vial inverted Use a vial of such size that it will be filled completely with mediu m and at least partly submerged in the tube 4 13 Inoculating equipment Use wire loops made of 22 or 24 gauge nicke l

  • Vacuum/Inert Manifolds On Quark Enterprises Inc

    Vacuum line has four ports made up of two valves eachone extending from the inert line and the other from the vacuum line both are bent to a 90 angle Spacing between ports is 170 mm The inert gas line has a 18/9 ball joint connection for use with a bubbler or inert gas source